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Yeah, googled around and stuff, with no avail.
I tried remodulating the frequency, but that didn't work either. Already tested some 4 other AAA batteries. Not sure if it is simply "broken", though I did have it for some 4 years or longer.

I randomly tried to use a wacom stylus I had but I guess it isn't compatible either (or the tablet itself is malfunctioning ;/). Already did updates, with no avail.

Any advice?
327 Ecaline Trina sketchie by Groovechamp-Slappy
327 Ecaline Trina sketchie
The scrapbook doesn't want her. She too cute. :3

Yeah no, have to get back to this semi-OC OC!
Digging her long hair stuff lately, too.

And that's it for now with scrapspam. Must make more.... and of course work on the coloring. Really have to get to digi-sketching so we can get colors and lines without the pencil mess.
325 Swat Kats Ann Gora by Groovechamp-Slappy
325 Swat Kats Ann Gora
A scraps pic....... but with a Swat Kat girl. Can't scrap that Kat.


Naughty Side of Groovechampion
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Alias: Groovechamp(ion) and Slappy

My gallery contains MATURE CONTENT.

All girls, regardless of their original age, are drawn as +20 year olds. I neither want to hear nor see any reports about the opposite. I know what I draw ;P!

The majority of artworks (premost sketches) can be found in the "Sketchbook" area of the Gallery - As well as in the nsfw/sfw sketch dump folder!


//Commission Requests

Send mail to slappy.commish[at] or Note me here.

Paypal only
If you like to donate a bit of currency, let me know. I can always give back a small artsy reward nonetheless :)!


The WTF-is-Groove-Doing right now Entry

January - February 2014

Taking on commissions.
Getting random requests of sketchworks done.

Nice links:
Centaur refs:…

yeah, still rollin' and trollin' (pics of course)!

Just a few updates to keep people posted.

//Project: Saving up for a 12WD cintiq
I want to see if I can save up for a 12 inch mini-cintiq. Price is roughly $700'ish, maybe 500 for some ebay/refurbished stuff. Somewhere, it is probably safer to go for the real thing. Not sure where I should be buying one outside of Wacom.

The 12wd is nice in my case, because I move around a lot these days (like going to other countries n stuff :3) so I can't be taking any of the gungho 24inch monsters with me.
I'm not sure either about cintiq alternatives. Most are too big. And tablets as pseudo cintiqs seem to suck with their pressure sensitivity.

Cintiq won't make my work look automatically better, of course, but especially for digital sketching, I really could need hands-on-wysiwyg digital paper.

Anyhow, if you want to help one of the many hordes of poor student people, donations are cool -- although I prefer them to come in form of commissions, so I am at least working for the cash. Art mercenary ftw :3!

Details for commish below

// Commissions
Although the recent listing is outdated since May, it is pretty much fitting for June and July too, so I guess we can see this as an extended price guide :3. So far, popular commission requests have been mostly colored digital stuff, which is great. Doing my best to keep the wait times as minimum as possible, although last month was quite tense with RL time. Delayed the 2nd Thundercats cat fight one a lot. But all is good now :3.
Link is below.


// Widening Horizons
So far, going to focus on expanding on DOTA2, as there is also a lot of space for creative work like comics and stuff. Not necessarily ecchi/sexy stuff of course :3 but since there's always a desire for this.... dot dot dot! :D

// Requests
Currently, I cannot take any other than those that must wait until I chew through these commissions -- and also the requests of last year.

I am also uploading long-overdue ones that I actually did shortly after they were requested. Last year I was abroad and I did not have a scanner available.

I'm screaming a bit because several got lost and I can't find them. Had lots of Sherlock Hound pics alongside the requested ones. If I can't find them, I might have to re-sketch them. Wouldn't be so bad if the ones I had before weren't so damn cool xD. Oh well, maybe I should just draw again.

but for now, I need to finish the current commissions and finally get most of these scrappy scraps of sketches into linearts and color.

bite you later :D

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Swift-Nimblefoot Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Since I know you like nagas... These gals are apparently from Chrono Trigger, and yes, they ARE called Naga-Ettes. How cute is that? :D…

Here is their sprite:… Yeah, pink-haired punkish nagas. That's just cute. :)
Groovechamp-Slappy Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
yeah, they cute :D thanks for sharin' :D
Shingery Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Thanks very much for the :+fav:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Groovechamp-Slappy Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
Welcome! :3
Gojihunter31 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
In the spirit of democracy, I'm holding an election for my group to find Cheetara a groom for her up coming wedding. the candidates are Tygra and Lion-O. Please spread the word, and please cast your vote. Hope to see your vote. Thank you for your time.
Groovechamp-Slappy Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hmm, kinda hard :D. Lion-O has always been fitting for Pumyra heh.
So vote goes to Tygra.
Gojihunter31 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Alright. You'll find the vote box on the Howling Cheetara group page. In the journal marked Vote box: Wedding groom. Better hurry the election booths are coming to a close soon.
Shadow009 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Loving the Gallery ^^ hope to see more
Groovechamp-Slappy Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks thanks =) Yes, more to come! °w°
Gamekiller48 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the :iconfav3dplz:
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